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Welcome to SANisland, the data storage job board run by data storage specialists

Here at SANisland, our vision is simple. To match talent with opportunity through a data storage job board that's easy to use. Now you can find the best recruitment match for storage jobs and backup jobs as quickly and easily as possible.

About us

Our SANisland job board is run by data storage specialists who understand the data storage industry inside out.

We know all about the cumbersome process candidates looking for storage jobs go through. And we see companies struggling to find the right personnel with the right experience.

That's what we're here to address. We're here to offer a streamlined, effective way of getting the best recruitment match for storage and backup jobs through our data storage job board.

How do we do it?

A contributing factor to SANisland's success is the use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites enable us to advertise current storage jobs on our job board, and allow companies to view the experience and references of potential candidates. Similarly, candidates are able to understand the background of the company, and the experience of colleagues that have worked in the prospective companies before.

We're able to source candidates for storage jobs and backup jobs at every level, from graduate to director, and in every sector, including sales, project management, management, technical, consultancy, pre-sales, support, HR, marketing and development. We can also source candidates for bespoke storage jobs and backup jobs.

At SANisland we're all about honesty and transparency so we're always open to any suggestions that would make us more efficient to both candidates and our clients. This ethos of fairness and honesty drives all aspects of our business.

We want everyone who uses the SANisland job board to discover a really effective mechanism for accessing a wealth of talent and opportunity within the data storage industry.

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