SANisland data storage match-making service

The data storage market is an interesting and at times frustrating place to work, particularly if you are trying to find the right type of work or the right person to do the work. It can feel as if you need to be part of some inner circle to understand the opportunities, the organisations and the people involved. Storage candidates can feel frustrated as the market seems flat while,  ironically, recruiting companies feel there is a skills shortage.


We want to bring these two parties together and open up the storage and backup recruitment market to make life easier across the board. Research suggests that there are end users, business partners and vendors all recruiting for all sorts of storage positions, and the methods used are simple but extremely time consuming. In most cases organisations start the search for a suitable candidate by targeting their own contact network, then use referrals from their network, moving onto scanning CV’s on job boards, followed by LinkedIn searches and finally by advertising the position. In certain cases, getting the position filled by the right person can be time critical and yet the searching can take a long time.


At the same time we candidates feel our skills are specialised and yet we get bombarded by generic postings that have no significance to our storage skills set. This is most likely down to agencies not understanding the storage role and using blanket emails to try and find the right people. They usually think numbers game is the best method to finding the right person. This is especially the trend for new storage and backup roles that are with agencies that don’t understand where to start finding the relevant skill set.


However, agencies have a role to play and they are able to put us candidates on the radar for companies that are hiring, and the larger your pool of opportunities is the easier it will be to find your new storage job.


So hopefully we can start bringing storage recruiters and candidates together through SANisland; a virtual island focused on data storage and backup opportunities. Ideally we want to make sure new opportunities and skills are advertised and matched as quickly as possible.


Next time we will discuss the best way to keep our skills fresh, and make sure that when we start looking for the next role we are on the front foot.

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